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Wearing Cloth Face Masks Saves PPE for Healthcare Workers and is Environmentally Friendly

The United States is seeing a new surge in Covid-19 cases, and health care workers are facing a shortage of PPE equipment, such as N95 masks. According to the Washington Post, nurses are reusing N95 masks for days or even weeks at a time. This puts healthcare workers at risk of infection, and puts those seeking medical treatment at risk of infection as well. In order to help save the limited supply of N95 masks for healthcare workers, average citizens should wear reusable cloth face masks instead. 

Moreover, the environmental impact of wearing disposable face masks is enormous. According to the BBC, 129 billion face masks are disposed monthly, and are polluting our oceans. Yet another reason to buy and wear reusable cloth face masks! Our washable and reusable cloth face masks are made of 100% cotton fabric, can be worn dozens of times, and produce far less waste than disposable face masks. So, save scarce medical equipment for healthcare workers and save our oceans from more plastic waste: wear reusable cloth face masks. You can view and purchase our collection of handmade cloth face masks at Natalie's Masks